Mar 2020


5 Ways Voice Technology, Like Amazon Alexa, Is Changing The Shopping Experience

With everything changing and "new normals" being created for the foreseeable future, retailers need to be looking at new ways to build brand and drive commerce.


Sep 2019


Advancing Voice Data Access for the Enterprise with True Reply

Voice technology and automated voice-first engagement is at the forefront of consumer interactions. With True Reply Enterprise, companies, brands, and institutions can bring the power of voice to the whole team.


May 2019


The Etopia Poll comes to Amazon Alexa

We’re about to go into one of the most exciting U.S. presidential campaign seasons in the history of the United States and technology will play a pivotal role. As history has shown, how candidates will leverage emerging technologies like voice assistants and voice-based polling will make all the difference.


Apr 2019


True Reply accepted into prestigious Critical Path meeting for FDA

Today we’re thrilled to announce the acceptance of True Reply into the FDA Critical Path meeting. Through our continued partnership with the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation (HNF) and validation from the FDA, True Reply will be able to continue its mission of bridging the patient knowledge gap through the True Reply voice data collection and analysis platform.


Feb 2019


You’re Speaking My Language

Research is complicated and expensive and gets more so when you need to reach a demographic that is not your native language. Translators and specialized survey administrators need to be hired for EACH language or target demographic you are looking to gain insights on.


Jan 2019


Reaching the next billion consumers with voice technology

Today we are thrilled to announce the partnership between Happi and True Reply to help companies reach the “next billion.”True Reply will provide Happi the infrastructure and platform for voice-based data collection across telephones and IoT devices in the Asian markets.


Dec 2018


True Reply & hyperField announce strategic partnership today!

Through the integration of True Reply’s audio collection and analysis capabilities, hyperFIELD’s blockchain technology for logistics, supply chain, and field service applications is extended to offer real-time stress and intention analysis across industrial, commercial, and military applications.


Dec 2018


Third-party system participation anchoring is live!

The ability for True Reply to work with today’s standardized platforms and systems is extremely important to us as we continue to work on the ability of True Reply to deliver on the promise of voice data collection at any scale.


Jun 2018


Earn Bitcoin on any Amazon Alexa via True Reply

The team at True Reply has made our relationship with the cryptocurrency community a priority and we strive to add something unique to the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.


Mar 2018


Supporting Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Research with a pledge of up to $200,000

True Reply and the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation have collaborated to enhance patient-focused research and to improve clinical trial design, clinical trial patient recruitment and to enhance the knowledge of what matters most to patients that are living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT).

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