Sickday Medical House Calls

The Sickday Medical House Calls voice application for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant empowers Sickday Medical patients, New York City's largest and most respected in-home medical provider, the ability to leave feedback using just their voice.

This voice application works both on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and can be accessed on over 1 billion devices.

The Sickday Medical House Calls voice application provides Sickday Medical House Calls the ability to amplify their personal approach to healthcare, gain insight into how their staff is performing, and build their patient relationships. Meanwhile, patients are empowered to leave honest feedback in a simple, private, unobtrusive way.


About Sickday Medical House Calls

Sickday Medical House Calls, started by Naomi Friedman, is the premiere in-home medical provider of New York City. Sickday has provided medical care to thousands of NYC residents, business executives, and travelers from all around the globe.  In the process, Sickday has pioneered the house call field and reintroduced it as a viable model for modern healthcare

Getting It Done

Sickday Medical House Calls wanted to create a personal voice experience that convey's the same ideologies that made Sickday Medical House Calls so successful - personal, personalized, and accessible.

The process for launching the Sick Day Medical House Calls voice experience was three steps:

- Writing the copy & questions
- Voice Ambassadorâ„¢ recording the messaging
- Setup & Launch of the voice experience

The entire experience was made up of a Welcome Message, three questions, a Thank You message and a Help messaging for whenever a participant asked for Help.

The entire process from idea to launch of both voice experiences took a total of 2 days including recording of the personalized messaging by a True Reply Voice Ambassadorâ„¢ and activating the voice experience for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Feedback Request

Thank You

Outcome Insights

True Reply provides real-time insights into all aspects of an automated voice experience via voice assistants. In addition to the real-time insights and data collection, all the data is available for real-time export via CSV file, Zapier, or our secure private API.

Sickday Medical House Calls receives continuous insight into how patients are engaging, how they feel about the service, when they prefer to engage, and so much more. In addition, the staff can export all their data to analyze along side their awareness efforts.

Patients report the experience of engaging Sickday via voice assistants as feeling very personal and as if they are speaking directly with Sickday.

2 Voice Experiences

100 %

1 Voice Ambassador

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2 days to setup and launch

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