Home Experiences

Home Experiences was a voice study conducted via Amazon Alexa and powered by True Reply for Procter & Gamble.

The voice study surveyed consumers in their home asking them to participate while they went about their normal routines - at the time of their experience.

Home Experiences was launched as two separate experiences - one to survey consumers while they cleaned their dishes in their kitchen and another to survey consumers about their shower experience with their favorite shampoo.

About Procter & Gamble and LE Research

Procter and Gamble brands are trusted in millions of living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms—and have been passed down from generation to generation. Over the course of 181 years, they’ve challenged convention, led innovation, and helped shape culture. Their research innovation arm regularly conducts experiments and applies new technologies to improving the consumer experience and P&G brands.


L&E Research are experts in qualitative research connecting clients with consumers, medical professionals, business professionals, and more - for virtually any market research project. Procter & Gamble's Research Innovation team choose L&E Research to extract and analyze the data collected by True Reply.

Getting It Done

We worked collaboratively with LE Research at the clients request. L&E provided the research framework (messaging and questions) as well as the post-study analysis.

The process for launching each of the Home Experience voice experience was three steps:

- Writing the copy & questions
- Voice Ambassadors™ recording the messaging
- Setup & Launch of voice experience

The entire experience was made up of a Welcome Message, 16-20 questions, a Thank You message and Help messaging for whenever a participant asked for Help.

The entire process from idea to launch of both voice experiences took a total of 10 days including the custom recordings by a professional Voice Ambassador™ and the Amazon approval process.


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Outcome Insights

True Reply provides real-time insights into all aspects of an automated voice experience via voice assistants. In addition to the real-time insights and data collection, all the data is available for real-time export via CSV file, Zapier, or our secure private API.

We engaged 1,069 participants and collected a total of 14,734 responses. The largest voice-only study ever conducted with completion rates of 97%.

2 Voice Experiences

100 %

1 Voice Ambassador

100 %

30 questions total

100 %

1,069 Participants

100 %

14,734 Responses Collected

100 %

4 week study

100 %

97 percent completion rate

97 %