Forsta (Decipher) vs. NVivo - What Survey Platform is Better For You?

Two of the most prevalent platforms for gathering data are Forsta and NVivo. Both excel in different areas, but how do you determine which is better for you? This article will help you answer that question. 

What is Forsta?

Forsta is the new name for a combination of various well-known legacy brands: Confirmit, FocusVision Decipher, and Dapresy. They also include lesser-known brands like InterVu, Horizon, and Revelation. This mass combination claims to be the broadest research platform on the market. Forsta has over 2,500 customers in over 100 countries. It is a trusted brand that works with well-known companies like eBay, Pepsi, Asurion, Best Buy, and Pampers. 

Forsta offers an API, customer segmentation features, an activity dashboard, and feedback management. You can use these tools across multiple channels and languages to cover many needs. Forsta offers a demo version of its software to give people an idea of how it fits. The platform's user-friendliness makes it ideal for both simple and complex questions. The survey builder tool features a drag-and-drop editor to make the design unique for your needs. 

Forsta pros and cons

Pros Cons
Forsta focuses on an experience that prioritizes ease of use.  Public reviews express that initial guidance on the platform could be better.
It has dynamic programming to handle multi-layer logic and variable options with its tools.  It could use some improvements in the question library regarding the display. 
Ideal as a market analysis tool due to its flexibility in analysis. There is a need for navigation improvements when comparing analysis data. 
Forsta's team is known for their personal guidance and straightforward approach. You will pay a premium for this personal approach. 
Forsta's latest updates have created more interactive surveys on its cloud-based platform. The numerous product name changes have people confused.   

What is NVivo?

 NVivo, owned by QSR International, is another well-known data analysis tool. The tool focuses on translating qualitative answers into quantitative data. This results in further insights from thoughtful word-based answers. NVivo also offers transcription services, letting you focus on your analysis. These transcription services are said to have 90% accuracy across quality recordings from over 28 languages.

 Other vital tools from NVivo include their collaboration cloud, which lets you share data across platforms. This tool enables you to control who has access to your important survey data. Alongside collaboration comes Citavi, their tool for sorting, categorization, and making notes. This can help you notate different data points to conclude later. It also automates citation and bibliography creation, making it ideal for creating case studies.  

NVivo pros and cons 

Pros Cons
NVivo focuses on translating qualitative research into valuable data.  The focus on qualitative research is unnecessary when using quantitative methods 
There are numerous automated features for coding and tracking data. The charts and figures it produces are not always easy to read. 
It is an ideal tool for research across academic, nonprofit, government, and commercial fields.  NVivo is anywhere from 8 to 32% more expensive than comparable platforms. 
There are numerous manuals you can use to bring you through the steps. Because of the manuals, NVivo has less hands-on customer service. 
NVivo software works across multiple platforms, including Windows and Mac. There are sometimes compatibility issues between the two platforms. 

Summary - when should I use Forsta and NVivo? 

Ultimately, the two tools excel in their various fields. From the tips above, we can say that NVivo is better for qualitative research and notation. Meanwhile, Forsta is better for data-gathering projects needing programmatic features.

NVivo brings you through the entire process of data gathering to report creation. Its collaborative focus means numerous team members can work together to discuss and notate on data. The automated bibliography creation tool and writing tools also make it great for case studies. 

Forsta is generally more technical, focusing on quantitative data gathering and building entire processes. The result is the ability to create a whole survey experience, which is excellent for market analysis. Because it combines so many other tools, it's a comprehensive data-gathering and analysis package. 

Regardless of what platform you choose, both have an application programming interface (API). This API allows for massive integrations to help make gathering information simple. That API can integrate with True Reply to provide robust qualitative analysis to voice-based studies. To see how the power of voice-based data gathering can work for you, you can combine either Forsta or NVivo with True Reply's platform. To see how this works in action, contact our team today