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Why True Reply in Human Resources?

Recruiting for today’s workforce is a complex and time consuming endeavor. Automated pre-screening, via True Reply, lets you review more applicants and provide the best candidates to the hiring manager.

Recruiting for today’s workforce is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Recruiters and HR personnel assess the needs of a role and establish parameters for their searches. They then receive sometimes hundreds of resumes per job post and need to process all that data to find the best candidates. Then they need to follow-up with each potential candidate to conduct pre-screening interviews. But what if there was a better way?

True Reply & Pre-screening
Using True Reply, recruiters and HR administrators can set up automated pre-screening questionnaires that focus on the job role. They can then provide the toll-free number or QR code for the questionnaire from True Reply with an automated e-mail response when an applicant submits a resume or responds to a job post.

The applicant provides detailed responses to the questions. Using the built-in transcription, analytics and data visualizations in the True Reply platform, the recruiter or HR admin can easily target relevant keywords and quickly find the best applicants to provide to the hiring manager.

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Voice technology today creates opportunities for candidate recruiting and employee culture monitoring and measurement.

Saves the recruiter time by automating the pre-screening process. Reducing calls and call-backs as well as the time to manually pre-screen.

Saves the recruiting company money by allowing them to process more applicants quickly and effectively.

Saves the hiring company time and money by focusing interview efforts on more qualified candidates through a more effective vetting process.