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Leverage voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to collect honest, deep, and relevant insight from consumers maximizing your touch points and the consumer convenience level.

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Why True Reply for conducting branded consumer market research with voice apps via voice assistants?

True Reply makes it easy and fast to launch your own fully branded voice app for consumer market research in as little as 30 seconds. Access real-time insights and engagement data full multi-user access. Create more personal and meaningful experiences using voice apps via voice assistants and smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or telephone.
Road to SampleCon was made available via Amazon Alexa and telephone and allowed participants to experience a highly branded market research experience via their preferred device.

Conference attendees provided their unique insight and perspective on how voice technology will impact market research in the near future.

Leveraging a fully personalized engagement strategy, those that experienced Road To SampleCon reported feeling like "it was a conversation" more than just a survey.

Response data, sentiment analysis, and more are all available in real-time via the True Reply dashboard.

Qualitative Research At Quantitative Scale!

Focus groups and face-to-face interviews are expensive but deep in emotion-based analysis while online form-based surveys are cost-effective but lack the emotion behind collected feedback and responses.

True Reply has made it possible to leverage voice-based campaigns allowing the opportunity to capture the emotion of participants at scale and gather insights previously only available via focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs).

True Reply is the solution that bridges the gap between scale and cost-effectiveness with emotional data collection.

Voice apps enable consumers to engage closer to the moment of experience and capture the true voice of the consumer with an ease and reach like never before.

AI-powered Response Analysis and Validation engine (R.A.V) enables both qualitative and quantitative research at scale.

Response data available via your dashboard, export to CSV or pull out via Dashboard API.

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Home Experiences was a voice experience launched via True Reply as an Alexa Skill on Amazon Alexa by LE Research for Procter & Gamble.

The voice experience surveyed consumers in their home asking them to participate while they went about their normal routines - at the time of their experience.

Home Experiences was launched as two separate experiences - one to survey consumers while they cleaned their dishes in their kitchen and another to survey consumers about their shower experience with their favorite shampoo.

Over 1,000 participants were engaged and over 14,000 responses collected making it the largest voice-first, voice-only study conducted to date.

Is Amazon Alexa ready for your market research?

As of the end of 2019, the smart speaker market has grown to over 200 million smart speakers in U.S. homes and Amazon Alexa is reported to account for about 70%.

Today, there are over 1 billion devices providing access to voice assistants - smart speakers, phones, automobiles, appliances, and consumer electronics. 10% of all these devices, or 100 million, are powered by Amazon Alexa.

This growing ecosystem creates an unprecedented opportunity to engage your customers through voice-activated devices. The True Reply platform gives you access to the growing Amazon Alexa community in minutes.