The Future is Voice

The True Reply TrueCoin allows any individual or organization to launch automated, voice-based surveys at scale via cryptocurrency and allows anyone to earn crypto via their Amazon Alexa-powered devices.

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True Reply believes voice-based interfaces are the future of every major computing shift for the next 20 years


True Reply is built atop cutting edge cloud-based technologies combined with our proprietary engine for Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding to drive data collection innovations in administration and analysis. We've made the power of voice accessible to anyone.
Simple To Administer
Web-based UI For Survey Administration

Designed from the ground up to be simple and linear.  Any researcher or marketing professional can jump in and in minutes have their first survey launched and ready to go!

Built To Scale

Designed to run 100% on the cloud and engineered to take full advantage of server-less computing and cloud-based architecture. 

Multi-point Voice Surveys
Deploy Surveys For Telephone Or Amazon Alexa

Easily deploy your surveys to be taken via any telephone or Amazon Alexa-powered device.

Amazon Approved
First Of It's Kind Amazon Alexa Skill

The first and only platform approved by Amazon for the administration and participation of incentivized surveys via the Amazon Alexa ecosystem of devices. 


Instead of introducing a proprietary rewards program for the True Reply community of survey participants, a digital currency made the most sense:

  1. Earnings are not tied to a single platform - take it with you anywhere
  2. More secure on the Ethereum Blockchain
  3. Opportunity to expand TrueCoin to other, related service providers with a lower cost of integration


A team of three experienced professionals with a history of successfully launching technology start-ups, working with healthcare, pharmaceutical, and non-profit organizations, and managing multi-million dollar programs for government, Fortune 500 healthcare, and financial services companies.

Jose Cotto

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jose conceptualized, designed, and engineered the True Reply platform. Jose has developed the NLP algorithms, web platform, and backend systems that make True Reply possible today. Jose works to ensure True Reply reaches it's potential.

Jeremy Manjorin

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy brings over 18 years of development and technology program management to the team. Jeremy will head all of operations ensuring smooth interoperability between the team, platform, clients, and the community.

Robert Moore

Co-Founder & Chief Alliance Officer

Robert has co-founded several successful digital-based companies that pioneered the use of consumer-reported information, surveys, and big data models. Robert leads business development and community building efforts.


Daniel Ryan

Law Offices of Daniel Ryan, P.C.

A boutique corporate law and strategic advisory firm. The firm focuses on financial transactions and deal advisory services.
Dan has helped advise on legal considerations of our token sale.

Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins Consulting

Greg Jenkins Consulting is a best-in-class Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) solutions provider.
Gregs insights into market research and behavioral research has helped shape our surveying process.

True Reply Market Segments

True Reply has an ever growing list of use cases but below are our macro market segments that we're building for


Patient Engagement

Bridging the patient knowledge gap

Increase monitoring and combat attrition in clinical trials and patient registries by bridging the patient knowledge gap with the power & accessibility of voice.


Organizational Panel Research

Understanding your organizations members

Collect insight and feedback from corporate employees, foundation members, and volunteers through a frictionless, voice-powered experience.


Consumer Research

Incentivized consumer research community

Collect the thoughts and opinions of millions at scale deploying incentivized surveys via any telephone or Amazon Alexa-powered device.

The True Reply
Utility Token Offering

We are adding the True Reply Token, or TrueCoin, to the True Reply platform to allow for faster transactions, lower fees, and reward transportability. It is our belief that all stakeholders - brands, agencies, and the participant community - will choose TrueCoin once the advantages of the token become evident. TrueCoin are ERC223 compliant and can be transferred to any ERC20-compliant wallet.

Utility Token Allocation Summary

Take this opportunity to join True Reply and gain greater savings in your market research and consumer research efforts. 
500,000,000 TrueCoin have been created and this is the only amount that will ever be in circulation.


Allocated to UTO sale and
post community distribution

CB & M

Community Building and 



In The Media

50,000,000 DURING PRE-SALE + 150,000,000 DURING UTO SALE

Sale event is 10,000 TrueCoin per Ether. Tokens not sold during pre-sale have been rolled up into the community reserve.

Community Token Allocation Details

Utility Token Offer - 150,000,000


UTO Bounties - 50,000,000


Post-UTO Community Reserve - 100,000,000 + Pre-sale Excess


Post-UTO Community Building Incentives - 100,000,000


UTO Sale Goals

We've established three sales goals with specific budgets in mind for each tier reached. The three tiers are represented in the graphic here and each tier will affect the roadmap timing and roadmap reach. 

Our primary focus with the funds raised through this sale is to grow the community through incentivized surveys and marketing.


Where we have been and where we are going
  • October 2017

    Platform Beta Launched

    Version 1.0 launches and was made available to non-profits as a way to bridge the patient knowledge gap for those living with debilitating diseases, the clinical researchers trying to find a cure, and the foundations helping them all.

  • Early November 2017

    True Reply & HNF Case Study

    The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation hosts a Pain Summit and uses True Reply to survey patients to gain a better understand of the impact of pain in the quality of life for patients living with CMT.

  • Late November 2017

    True Reply & Amazon Alexa

    True Reply comes to the Amazon Alexa ecosystem of devices and the Alexa community. In November we became the first and only platform approved by Amazon for the engagement of the Alexa community via incentivized surveys.

  • December 2017

    True Reply Participant Platform Launches

    The UI & platform goes live for participants.Anyone with an Amazon Echo or similar device can now register, track rewards, and cash out earnings to PayPal.

  • First Quarter, 2018

    Platform Updates for Administrators

    Survey branching, outbound phone surveying via auto-call of telephone number lists, and enhanced insights (reporting).

  • Second Quarter, 2018

    True Reply Token Integration & Google Home

    Integration of TrueCoin to allow administrators to pay with our token and allow participants taking incentivized surveys to earn token.True Reply for Google Home launch.

  • Third Quarter, 2018

    True Reply Mobile App & Exchange Listings

    Launch of the True Reply app which allows anyone to browse, track, and participate in incentivized surveys via a customized Amazon Alexa experience. First exchanges to begin listing TrueCoin.

  • Forth Quarter, 2018

    Multi-language support & auto-translation

    Ability to create surveys in English and deploy them in multiple languages. Responses are automatically translated to english.

  • First Quarter, 2019

    Audio Analysis Engine (AAE)

    Alpha LaunchEnhanced audio analysis engine enabling emotion, sentiment, and intention profiling.

  • Second Quarter, 2019

    HomeKit & True Reply Reserve Release, 1st

    Homekit integration for True Reply on Apple HomePod. First scheduled release of 20 million TrueCoins to supported exchanges.

  • Third Quarter, 2019


    To be determined

  • Fourth Quarter, 2019

    True Reply Reserve Release, 2nd

    Second scheduled release of 20 million TrueCoins to supported exchanges.