Push your video or audio media directly into the True Reply platform with the TrueMedia API or direct FTP upload to gain invaluable insight into your media assets.

Why TrueMedia?

Increase the value of your media by 10x-100x


If you have a growing audio or video media library, you need content knowledge provided by TrueMedia to amplify asset value for sponsorship revenue


Fully indexed, open-searchable, and automatically keyword ranked media leads to targeted, performance-based monetization


Store and access your media securely via government grade encryption and data storage architecture


Massive Monetization

A next-generation media production company and platform bringing in an average of 5 minutes of audio content per minute - all user generated. Faced with a growing YouTube channel - over 2.5 million subscribers - and average viewership of 700k-1.5 million views per video, they face the real dilemma of needing to align content with sponsorship deals against a library of over 100,000 user generated media files. TrueMedia instantly provides insight into keywords, keyword phrases, topics, slang, terms, related media and more and the value of their media skyrockets in the face of sponsorship deal alignment.

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