Beyond Voice Conversations: Season 2

Terri Kurtzberg, Mason Ameri and Jose Cotto discuss the 10-Second Commute and the new realities of virtual work

BVC is an authentic peek into the minds of industry professionals and thought leaders and how they are thinking about and approaching voice technology today.

Music: Hear Their Voice, Beatcore

Terri Kurtzberg, Mason Ameri, and Jose Cotto connect on the future of work and the new realties of virtual work.

Terri & Mason co-authored The 10-Second Commute, the new realities of virtual work at a time with the world changed.

Terri is professor of management and global business at Rutgers School of business with multiple teaching and research awards including Rutgers most prestigious teaching honor - the Warren I. Susman Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Mason is an associate professor of professional practice at Rutgers Business School. Mason’s professional expertise is in diversity specifically in equal opportunity for people living with disabilities. Mason has also earned numerous awards including the presidential award for excellence in teaching and Provosts award for excellence in teaching innovations.

Join us for an insightful conversation that takes us from the pre-pandemic of COVID-19 and the evolution of work, productivity and life as we dive deep into the 10-Second Commute and the future of work.

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