Beyond Voice Conversations

Lindsey TH Jackson of LTHJ Group and Hezalia

BVC is an authentic peek into the minds of industry professionals and thought leaders and how they are thinking about and approaching voice technology today.

July 28th, 2020

Music: Hear Their Voice, Beatcore

Lindsey T.H Jackson and Jose Cotto connect on entrepreneurship, parenting, and social injustice in a post-COVID world.

Lindsey is the founder of the LTHJ Group and Hezalia as well as an accomplished author, artist, dancer, and inspiring single mother of two.

With LTHJ, Lindsey empowers women to find the courage to be themselves, and to take action to pursue their greatest hopes and dreams, and reach their full potential.

Hezalia is a movement, a website, and an online community built to save women time in the search for women’s health professionals and products women will love and trust.

Lindsey is a storm of enlightenment, power, and inspiration. For me personally, she is a roll model out in the wild that I point my girls to and say "you are powerful - always!"

Lindsey joins me on Beyond Voice Conversations in a fury of reflection, introspection, and inspiration.

As parents and entrepreneurs, Lindsey and I do a little real-talk on navigating the pandemic, the growing demand for social justice and reform, and more.

This episode is a tall glass of authentic real talk that any entrepreneur and parent can relate with and get some inspiration from.

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