Beyond Voice Conversations

Bradley Metrock of Score Publishing

BVC is an authentic peek into the minds of industry professionals and thought leaders and how they are thinking about and approaching voice technology today.

April 15th, 2020

Music: Hear Their Voice, Beatcore

We know that the landscape has shifted and businesses, large and small, are struggling to find their footing.

The events industry, in particular, is one that faces, what some are considering, an industry killing situation. Events are all about the live experiences, the face to face, the networking. Things that right now are just unimaginable.

Bradley Metrock, founder of Score Publishing, created the Power of Voice series of events and has over 30 live events across 12 years under his belt. Bradley knows the events space better than most.

How Bradley and the Score Publishing team have adapted to the changing landscape is something every events producer should pay attention and strive to model.

I'm excited to have Bradly be our first guest on the new Beyond Voice Conversations with such an important industry topic.

Listen close - between the laughs - and you'll get a potential framework for events in a post-COVID world.

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