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Andi Munsie, Flo Love, and Where is my period?

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Feb 17th, 2021

Music: Hear Their Voice, Beatcore

Andi Munsie and Jose Cotto connect on spirituality, her entrepreneurial journey, building her business with Amazon Alexa and more.

Andi is the founder of Flo Love, The Game and Where is my period? as well as a mother, coach, and so much more.

Andi and Flo Love take women through a spiritual journey via Andi's 28-day challenge to better understand themselves and the role their menstrual cycle plays in their lives beyond just "that time of the month."

Flo Love is a multi-experience journey of discovery for women which includes coaching, a board game, a mobile app, an e-book, and Where is my period? on Amazon Alexa, which drives the 28 day challenge experience.

Andi is also the creator/founder of the Alexa Skills My Wedding Ceremony, Why Am I Single?, and I need a drink - that last one meant to be a resource to those dealing with addiction during the pandemic.

Join us for a raw, uncut conversation that takes us from Australia to Vietnam (and a few stops in between) as we dive into what drives Andi, where she's been, and where she's going.

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