REPLY token, blockchain, and True Reply

Leveraging the ethereum network to deliver on a promise of accessibility

Why REPLY token for True Reply?

When deciding the structure for our voice-only, Amazon Alexa-centric public panel, Voice Rewards, we wanted a unique and transparent incentivization framework beyond traditional monetary compensation.

Specifically, we envisioned a cyclical ecosystem that could support and sustain research within the non-profit and academic organizations.

How REPLY token works

In order to empower research for non-profits and universities via voice technologies, we've established the groundwork to make research more accessible and cost-effective through community participation.

Non-profits and universities encourage their communities to participate and engage in Voice Rewards and participants earn REPLY token.

Earned REPLY token can then be used by the non-profit or university to conduct automated voice-based studies across the Amazon Alexa community or via telephone.

REPLY Token Roadmap

  • Dec 2017

    REPLY Token Created

    REPLY token was created (originally launched as TrueCoin).

  • REPLY token integration

    Completed REPLY token integration into the True Reply platform allowing participants to earn REPLY token by participating in voice surveys on Amazon Alexa. True Reply becomes the first company in history to bring a blockchain based utility token to the Amazon Alexa.

  • Feb 2018

    Token Offering Launched

    In campaign to grow the community, token offering is launched making it possible to purchase REPLY token at a discount.

  • March 2018

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin introduced

    True Reply becomes the first company in history to bring Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to the Amazon Alexa in a meaningful way. Voice Rewards participants can now also earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin by answering surveys via any Amazon Alexa powered device.

  • April 2018

    True Reply accepted into World Tokenomic Forum Sandcastle Startup Challenge

    Out of a field of 100's of companies, True Reply has the honor of competing in it's first startup challenge.

  • May 2018

    True Reply makes the final 4 at the WTForum Sandcastle Startup Challenge

    Facing off against 16 amazing companies innovating in blockchain, we're humbled to accept 3th place in the Sandcastle Startup Challenge.

  • What's next?

    True Reply is focusing on building its core business, nurturing the voice data market, and building its Voice Rewards community to better position for a REPLY token distribution. Making REPLY token accessible to everyone is a key piece to the growth puzzle of True Reply.

    We're seeking distribution partnerships for REPLY token with healthcare-focused blockchain projects. Interested?
    Contact us about a partnership today!