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True Reply provides brands and agencies a simple, powerful, cost-effective option for gathering and measuring emotional impact and opinions at scale using intelligent, automated voice-based surveys.

Why True Reply in Market Research?


When it comes to collecting voice-based surveys and feedback, True Reply is the most cost effective solution. When compared to alternatives like focus groups, one-to-one interviews, and human-based phone surveying, True Reply presents a cost savings of 5x-50x. Whether you deploy True Reply as a stand-alone survey option, or use it to narrow your field of focus, you'll save with True Reply.

Data-accessibility & Insights

With True Reply, the power of voice is made accessible. Via telephone surveys, audio responses are recorded and made accessible via our simple dashboard complete with fully indexed transcriptions. Via telephone or IoT devices, like Amazon Alexa, True Reply provides robust search, filtering, data visualization, and analysis functions. Data can be exported to .csv for use with a variety of third-party tools.

Survey via any telephone

Collect feedback, opinions, and research automatically via any telephone. True Reply via telephone is 100% accessible across technological and economic barriers. True Reply helps you reach a wider range of people because you are not limited by any lack of access to a computer or geographic location.

IoT & Amazon Alexa

True Reply is the first and only platform approved by Amazon to conduct incentivized surveys across the Alexa community via the True Reply Alexa Skill. Launch your first True Reply survey on Amazon Alexa in minutes via our dashboard and instantly have a presence with the Amazon Alexa Community.

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