Insurance Concierge

My Insurance Resource is a sample voice experience reflecting what can be done under the Insurance Concierge framework powered by True Reply as an Alexa Skill on Amazon Alexa for Insurance Agents and Brokers.

The Insurance Concierge voice experience delivers a value-adding voice experience combined with an organic voice engagement funnel that can educate consumers and relay custom broker information dynamically while allowing consumers to request contact from an agent or brokerage related to specific insurance needs.

Incorporating an automated, secure phone-based pre-application option, Insurance Concierge is a holistic voice experience that delivers value while creating an organic lead generation solution.

About Insurance Concierge

Insurance Concierge is one of many pre-strategized frameworks offered by True Reply and it is deployed by Insurance Agents and Brokers seeking a turn-key strategy to leverage voice assistants for building brand, driving deeper community relationships, and increasing sales. Contact Us today to deploy Insurance Concierge for your brokerage.

Getting It Done

My Insurance Resource sample voice experience shows how an established industry, Insurance, can leverage a new technology, voice assistants, to drive deeper consumer relationships, leads, and long-term sales opportunities.

The process for launching the My Insurance Resource involved 3 basic steps:

- Writing the copy
- Voice Ambassadors™ recording the messaging
- Setup & Launch of voice experience

The entire experience was made up of a Welcome Message, 5 knowledge resources, 5 questions, engagement logic branching to move the user around the knowledge base, a Thank You message and Help messaging for whenever a participant asked for Help.

The entire process from idea to launch of both voice experiences took a total of 4 days including the custom recordings by a professional Voice Ambassador™ and the Amazon approval process.


How may we help

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Outcome Insights

True Reply provides real-time insights into all aspects of an automated voice experience via voice assistants. In addition to the real-time insights and data collection, all the data is available for real-time export via CSV file, Zapier, or our secure private API.

The ability of Insurance Agents and Brokers to quickly deploy Insurance Concierge gives them a powerful, low risk, low cost solution to building deeper community relationships that amplify their brand and sales.

My Insurance Resource, while being a sample voice experience, still gathers organic engagement every week. With awareness and branding, it shows the opportunity for organic lead growth via voice assistants.

1 Voice Ambassador

100 %

5 topic knowledge base

100 %

5 question engagement survey

100 %

13 question automated pre-screening application

100 %