Doc William's 10-Day Clarity Plan

Doc William's 10-Day Clarity Plan is a voice experience launched via True Reply as an Alexa Skill on Amazon Alexa for Doc Williams, founder of Brand Factory Inc and the Build With Me community.

This voice experience takes users through a 10-day program for gaining clarity in their business.

10-Day Clarity Plan helps support and amplify the Doc William's brand as well as his course offerings for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

About Doc Williams

Doc got his start as a business owner over 10 years ago, working in the fitness industry and then going on to be the CTO and CIO of multiple startups.  He’s worked with companies from Vaynermedia to ESPN and AppSumo, and has spoken on conferences alongside people such as Guy Kawasaki and Neil Patel.

Now he’s taking his experience as a live streamer, web designer, and brand consultant to connect you with the information you need to build your business via Brand Factory Inc and his Build With Me video channel.

Getting It Done

Doc Williams brought his 10-Day Clarity Plan for gaining clarity in your business to Amazon Alexa via True Reply as a way of amplifying his brand, connecting with potential clients, and reenforcing his teachings.

The process for launching the 10-Day Clarity Plan voice experience was three steps:

- Writing the copy & questions
- Doc recording the messaging
- Setup & Launch of the voice experience

The entire experience was made up of a Welcome Message, 10 messages - one for each day of the 10 day course, a Thank You message and Help messaging for whenever a participant asked for Help.

The entire process from idea to launch of both voice experiences took a total of 1 hour including configuring the supporting request logic so users could request specific days:

"Alexa, ask clarity plan for day 7"


Clarity Plan - Day 7

About Clarity Plan

Outcome Insights

True Reply provides real-time insights into all aspects of an automated voice experience via voice assistants. In addition to the real-time insights and data collection, all the data is available for real-time export via CSV file, Zapier, or our secure private API.

Doc Williams receives continuous insight into how his users are engaging, whether they have completed the full plan, when they prefer to engage, and so much more. In addition, Doc can easily manage his voice experience and expand on the Clarity plan in real-time.


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12 self-recorded media files

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1 hour to setup and launch

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