Supporting Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Research with a pledge of up to $200,000

True Reply Pledges support for the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation upon milestone in token offering

Hereditary Neuropathy FoundationTrue Reply and the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation have collaborated to enhance patient-focused research and to improve clinical trial design, clinical trial patient recruitment and to enhance the knowledge of what matters most to patients that are living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT).

HNF deployed True Reply for a study in November of 2017 which was recently featured in Neurology Reviews for it’s cutting edge insights. Automated, voice-based surveying, or voice-activation technology (VAT), that is accessible by administrators and practitioners alike can make an incredible impact in bridging the patient knowledge gap as True Reply sees it.

HNF will host an FDA externally-led Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting on September 28, 2018 to bring the voice of the patients to FDA regulators so we can improve and implement protocols, treatments and the development of new therapeutics to meet Charcot-Marie-Tooth patients needs. Patients will participate by giving testimonies as well as presentations from leading CMT researchers and clinicians. To better inform the stakeholder CMT community, “HNF’s collaboration with True Reply is an opportunity to further raise CMT awareness and collect pertinent patient-reported data through True Reply’s VAT. True Reply’s VAT will help to increase knowledge from both the perspective of patients and healthcare providers. Because CMT is often a disease that is misunderstood, True Reply’s technology will offer HCPS, researchers and therapy innovators patient voice data to help capture and better understand CMT, optimized current pipeline treatments while looking for more therapies, said Allison Moore, Founder and CEO of HNF.

“True Reply is supporting these efforts as we are dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from CMT,” says Jose Cotto. To date, we have utilized our technology in capturing the power of the CMT voice. After hearing countless testimonies from CMT patients from living with chronic pain and despair, we look forward to furthering knowledge of CMT and supporting treatments.

Today, True Reply is announcing our pledge to HNF of a donation up to $200,000. With the True Reply token sale ongoing, True Reply is pledging $10 for every Ether raised above 500 Ether.

True Reply is building the voice-based, data-collection and analysis platform for the future. Today, the True Reply platform allows anyone to launch voice-based surveys across the Amazon Alexa community using its own token, REPLY token, and allows anyone to earn REPLY token by participating in incentivized surveys using any Amazon Alexa-powered device.