True Reply & hyperField announce strategic partnership today!

True Reply and hyperField announce partnership

New York, NY — December 17th: True Reply, developer of the next-generation voice data collection and analysis platform for telephone or IoT devices, and hyperFIELD, a developer of blockchain technology for military and heavy industrial sector applications, today announced a strategic partnership.

Through the integration of True Reply’s audio collection and analysis capabilities, hyperFIELD’s blockchain technology for logistics, supply chain, and field service applications is extended to offer real-time stress and intention analysis across industrial, commercial, and military applications.

Jose Cotto, CEO and Co-founder of True Reply, commented that “hyperFields platform represents the next evolution of high-value, mission critical asset management. The integration of the True Reply platform gives hyperField clients the ability to understand not only the what and the when but also the how and why behind field operations.”

hyperFIELD CTO, Naveen Sydney, added that “blockchain logistics, supply-chain, field service, and auditing enhanced with True Reply’s real-time audio and linguistic analysis is a holistic combination for a 360-degree view of assets in and across the battlefield.”

About True Reply

True Reply has been building the voice data collection platform for telephone and IoT-based data collection. We launched our platform in September 2017 and since then we’ve been the first open-ended, voice-based data collection platform to be deployed in healthcare studies, the first Amazon-approved platform for conducting incentivized surveying across the Amazon Alexa community, the first platform of it’s kind to be part of a major FDA study, and the first platform to bring cryptocurrencies to Amazon Alexa in a meaningful way for consumers.

About hyperFIELD

hyperFIELD is a leading Field Service solutions provider for military and heavy industrial customers that is also developing new software technologies for next generation supply chain, logistics, Industrial/Military Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial-Intelligence/Machine Learning based Predictive Analytics, and Augmented-Reality (AR) applications that leverages blockchain technology. hyperFIELD’s in-depth expertise has enabled it to become a preferred supplier in the military and heavy industrial sectors including Aerospace & Defense, Government-Defense agencies, Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Life-Sciences, Healthcare, Construction, Transportation and Heavy Manufacturing. For more information about hyperFIELD see

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