True Reply accepted into prestigious Critical Path meeting for FDA

Today we’re thrilled to announce the acceptance of True Reply into the FDA Critical Path meeting. Through our continued partnership with the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation (HNF) and validation from the FDA, True Reply will be able to continue its mission of bridging the patient knowledge gap through the True Reply voice data collection and analysis platform.

Sitting firmly between the ease of use of online forms and the breadth of insight from focus groups and In-depth interviews, True Reply empowers any company or organization to collect and gather audio responses from any telephone and engage IoT devices like the Amazon Alexa.

For healthcare studies of any scale, True Reply is an extremely cost-effective and accessible solution to the growing patient attrition problems surrounding healthcare studies and patient engagement.

From FDA,

The Critical Path Innovation Meeting (CPIM) was developed by CDER to address issues in drug development identified in the 2004 FDA publication, Innovation or Stagnation: Challenge and Opportunity on the Critical Path to New Medical Products Report. The report identified several areas of product development in need of improvement, including “technical methods such as animal or computer-based predictive models, biomarkers for safety and effectiveness, and new clinical evaluation techniques,” and cited a need “to create better tools for developing medical technologies [and] a knowledge base built not just on ideas from biomedical research, but on reliable insights into the pathway to patients.”

Since its inception, one of True Reply’s driving forces has been our desire to help patients living with debilitating diseases better engage with the healthcare studies working diligently to find cures. Through interactive voice technology, patients have a frictionless engagement channel that provides continued accessibility to those who would otherwise be unable to participate due to symptomatic burden or socio-economic barriers.

We’re very excited to be accepted into the Critical Path Process and look forward to working with CROs, PROs, and foundations to improve the lives of patients everywhere.

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