3 Benefits in Using Virtual Assistants to Build Customer Relationships

by Abigail Davis

In a matter of years, voice assistants have been adopted by users on a massive scale, occupying the homes and servicing the smartphones of millions around the globe. This kind of exposure is any advertisers’ dream, given its unique capacity for customer engagement. 

Want to get your company in on all the action? Read on for our top three benefits in utilizing virtual assistance to build your customer relationships and brand

Where do voice assistants fit into a marketing strategy? 

Given the vast reach of voice-enabled technology, some of the most popular voice assistants on the market are proving to be lucrative advertising channels. Voice assistants are becoming a staple piece of technology in the home and throughout users’ lives, with research indicating nine out of 10 families planning to either maintain or increase their usage of the technology. Whether incorporated to provide information or perform branded Skills, household names like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant present a new means of brand exposure. 

One study from marketingdive.com found that while 74% of users view their Alexa or Google Assistant as a “personal assistant,” 72% see them as “entertainers.” Of course, this presents an interesting opportunity for brands that are keen on engaging consumers in new, refreshing ways. A whopping 69% of families use their voice assistants in seeking information, calling on companies to educate audiences about their relevant products and services. 

Why should advertisers care about them?

With an estimated 8.4 billion voice assistant units–a number higher than the world’s population–to be used by 2024, there has never been a better time for brands to take advantage of the incredible marketing potential that these technologies hold. Over 130 million virtual assistant users reside in the United States alone, and this number will undoubtedly rise higher and higher with future development and integration. Even with the ubiquitous use of voice assistants around the world, this avenue has been largely untapped when compared to more conventional marketing channels. 


Make your brand voice more distinct

Advertising is designed for exposure; but no matter the number of consumers that come across an ad, it is only effective when optimized for consumer engagement. With the rate at which they’re pummeled with repetitive commercials, pop-up ads, and promoted content, it’s harder than ever to provide something that will stick in the minds of consumers. In order to make the most of your brand’s marketing dollars, it’s vital that every advertising effort is specially crafted with your company’s unique voice–a voice that will grab the interest of the consumer.

Voice technology allows brands to build a foundation for interactive customer relationships. It allows a potential customer to not only engage directly with brand or company information in a unique way, it can also provide them the ability to ‘hear’ your brand, a sonic footprint that will resonate and be recalled for future engagement. That type of direct engagement and impact can make a huge impact in an overall marketing campaign.

Amplify customer engagement 

Advertising through voice assistants is a totally different ballgame when considering customer engagement. Imagine a conversational interface that requires users to prompt the technology (meaning they’re already engaged) and then allows the brand or company to have a dialog with that potential customer. Inviting them to learn more, asking them for more information, and guiding them to new experiences with their brand. Ultimately, more customer engagement leads to more data, which gives brands greater opportunities to understand the market. With more information on their target consumer base, companies can take proactive steps to optimize customer experiences and solidify subsequent relationships. 

Real-time, interactive capabilities not only democratize access to information about your company but also provide a direct and intuitive communication channel with customers. Better yet, hands-free functionalities all point to greater engagement among a wide span of audiences. 

Strengthen overall brand loyalty

Earning customer loyalty is no easy task, but it’s a surefire way to keep the growth of your company rapid and consistent. When diversifying your marketing efforts and keeping customers engaged through virtual assistance, your company has the ability to create the ideal buying experience. As one can guess, a satisfied customer is more likely to repeatedly give you their business, especially once your brand has made a striking first impression and maintained it. When voice is integrated into these experiences, customers will build personal relationships with companies in a way that traditional branding efforts can’t accomplish.

Voice assistants provide brands with a new means of connecting with their customers. Primarily in the form of personalized interactions and unique and engaging experiences, a strong brand identity in the voice space will leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Consumers are faced with hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements every single day so engagement and interaction become paramount to a brand’s sales and marketing efforts. The value voice-based engagement brings, and the many unique opportunities to engage directly with a potential customer make it a must-have part of any marketing strategy to help gain an edge on customer relationships.