Reaching the next billion consumers with voice technology

True Reply & Happi partner to bring voice technology to the next billion consumers

Today we are thrilled to announce the partnership between Happi and True Reply to help companies reach the “next billion.”

True Reply will provide Happi the infrastructure and platform for voice-based data collection across telephones and IoT devices in the Asian markets.

“Global brands that survive the next 10 years will see 50% of their consumption come from consumers those brands don’t know well enough today” — Greg Lipper, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer of Happi

Happi Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based developer and operator of a market research super app that enables global brands to understand, engage, and converse at scale with consumers in emerging market nations. Happi combines an always-on panel with mobile surveys, audio content recognition, passive metering, eye-tracking, facial coding, and highly segmented promotion testing.

All of this functionality is fantastic for reaching consumers who

  1. have smartphones,
  2. enjoy reliable access to mobile broadband,
  3. are literate, and
  4. are technically competent with smartphones.

That may describe most consumers in developed countries, but it misses large segments of consumers in emerging markets.

“Automated voice technology is the future of consumer interaction,” says Jose Cotto, Founder and CEO of True Reply, ”with automated voice-based interfaces delivered via IoT devices like the Amazon Alexa or via any old telephone, socio-economic and educational barriers to research are no longer a factor.” Talking about the relationship with Happi, Jose goes on to say “our relationship with Happi embodies our mission of using voice technology to empower and enable understanding at any scale.”

True Reply will be the exclusive voice data collection provider for Happi providing next-generation voice technology like automated, open-ended consumer voice-based interviewing, just-in-time live operator routing and alerting, TrueScore dynamic ranking, rich data insights on voice-based responses, and automated two-way translations.

Happi will integrate True Reply’s capabilities within the Happi suite as HappiCall and offer it to brands, agencies, government and non-government organizations in countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Happi’s initial focus will be on the market research applications of the platform but will expand to include helping to overcome challenges in human resources and consumer feedback.

“Global brands that survive the next 10 years will see 50% of their consumption come from consumers those brands don’t know well enough today”, said Greg Lipper, Happi’s founder and Chief Happiness Officer. He went on to say, “The next billion consumers aren’t all connected to G4 networks with shiny new smartphones. We need to provide our clients with a broad range of engagement alternatives and HappiCall, powered by True Reply, will provide this much needed automated communication conduit while supporting seamless data integration for reporting and consumer relationship lifecycle management.”

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