Managing your client voice projects with True Reply and Segments

Easily manage your projects using Segments to narrow focus your entire dashboard to a specific client

Providing Agencies with the ability to easily launch, manage, and analyze voice experiences and voice applications as Alexa Skills on Amazon Alexa and Actions on Google Assistant are core to True Reply for Agencies. We're excited to share the first set of updates of our Ocean Series intended to provide clearer insights and control for Agency clients.

Voice-Application-Segmentation-Via-True-Reply-for-Alexa-Skills-Actions-on-Google Segmentations

The introduction of Segmentations is designed to make True Reply easier for Agencies to utilize across clients. Segmentations enable you to group your voice applications into groups. Your Segments can be client names, project labels, event titles, or whatever you are working on.

Via your Voice Application dashboard, select your application Segment or add a new Segment using the dropdown found within your Voice Application header.



Voice-Application-Create-Segment-Via-True-Reply-for-Alexa-Skills-Actions-on-Google Creating Segments in True Reply

To create a new Segment all you need is to enter the name of your new Segment, select whether you want to limit the new Segment to your account, and click the Add Segment button.

Segments are company wide unless you select to limit your new Segment to only your account. Limiting Segments to only your account overwrites you company wide Segments if they overlap.



Filtering Segments

Segments available to your account can be applied via your Agency Dashboard. Once you create Segments, you'll see a Segment selection drop down on the left side of your dashboard above your Active Apps button.


Voice-Application-Select-Segment-Dashboard-Via-True-Reply-for-Alexa-Skills-Actions-on-Google Select a Segment and your filtered view will automatically refresh with only the voice applications within the selected Segment. With a Segment selected, all your views will be limited to the Segment until you clear the selection via your Agency Dashboard.

Segmentations give Agencies the ability to easily manage their projects at scale across multiple clients and we're excited to make this new update available.