Leveraging Voice Technology to Create Opportunities for Personal Brand Experiences

Leveraging Voice Technology to Create Opportunities for Personal Brand Experiences

Leveraging voice technology to create opportunities for personal brand experiences can now be easily implemented by a celebrity, influencer, local personality, or even a small business. Because personal branding is such an important aspect of the current marketplace, especially in the eCommerce space where consumers are now demanding engagement and personal relationships from brands, voice technologies are becoming more commonplace. 

This consumer demand for brand connection is causing brands to create new ways people can interact with them. These consumer demands are resulting in brands being able to engage with their online visitors building loyal brand ambassadors. These opportunities allow businesses that often brand a particular person like the business owner, celebrity, or even local influencer who is closely tied to the brand to implement voice technologies for personal branding. Celebrities and influencers rely heavily on community engagement and can now also leverage voice technologies to create new ways to connect with their communities. 

Savvy businesses use these new brand experience voice opportunities, like voice assistants, to build fan engagement. Today’s consumers are looking for trust and authenticity from the brand they do business with, which voice technology can easily provide. 

How Voice Technology Can Be Used for Personal Brand Experiences

Local community and social contributors like Doctors are now able to offer their patients many new benefits by launching voice technology services. When health care practitioners use voice assistant technologies for branding, it allows more people to get to know them and the ways they can provide value and solutions. Doctors can now create a holistic, bi-directional conversational voice experience for their customers using either Done for You or DIY voice technology solutions.

Implementing voice technologies allows lawyers to more easily create an environment of trust and credibility in their knowledge and abilities, which is crucial for a lawyer to become a leader in the legal space. Branding in an authentic way can now happen when providing the benefits that voice assistants offer people looking for legal advice. A Voice Assistant can also gather critical qualifying data and information to provide both the website visitor and lawyer with the required information to know if they have a legitimate case and should schedule a consultation. 

Realtors can automate many aspects of the home selling and buying process when voice technologies are implemented. Using these voice technologies to find potential sellers and buyers, then qualify them by gathering critical data, and providing them with things like home appraisals, answers to how the home buying process works, local housing and community information greatly increases their reputation as an industry leader.

Musicians and Artists are now able to showcase their unique talents and provide an active online presence. Building a personal brand that can now reach farther than their local community and resonate with people all over the world. By implementing voice technologies, these brands have greatly increased their ability to create additional income streams.

Celebrities and Influencers can quickly expand their reach when leveraging voice technologies to develop their personal brand. Growing their social following has never been easier because of the personalized connections and engagement they can now offer their fans and loyal followers. This greatly increases their revenue generation opportunities while advancing their fan base to national and even global levels.

Voice Technologies Are Now Being Used in Sports to Create Personal Brand Experiences

Many athletes, teams, leagues, and sports organizations are exploring voice technology opportunities. The NFL and some teams launched voice-enabled apps that are capable of gathering in-depth fan data feedback, increasing fan engagement beyond the stadium and season, plus the ability to provide real-time interactive fan experiences. Voice assistants are allowing athletes and fans closer interactions resulting in new revenue opportunities for athletes and teams leveraging voice technologies.

The NFL launched its first standalone voice-enabled app, “A Rookie’s Guide to the NFL” enabling fans to ask for general information about the players, game schedules, matchups, game times, TV network, scores, as well as information about the stadiums, which teams are in a given conference or division, who the head coaches are and much more. Information like the rules, positions, formations, equipment, players, and key personnel can also be easily accessed.

A new app utilizing voice technology called “Chatty Pittsburgh Steelers” was recently launched by the American Football team that uses the voices of real players’ to engage with fans. Fans can ask questions about a game or a player and get a response from an actual Pittsburgh Steelers star. One of the benefits being seen by using voice technologies for personal branding includes loyal fan base growth because of the added real-time personalized fan engagement these voice assistants are providing. 

Voice Experiences Are No Longer Just for Large and Medium Businesses

Local personalities, celebrities, and individuals can leverage this technology to connect with their target market in real time. Increased fan engagement and consumer loyalty are just a couple of the many benefits voice technologies offer brands. There are so many applications that voice technologies provide, with the vast majority of these benefits still undiscovered.

Voice technology use is growing at exponential speeds, and will continue as more advanced smart devices are introduced into the market, making voice technologies increasingly accessible. This means that a more diverse group of people will be able to create personal brand experiences for growth and consumer connection. Get information on how easy it is to leverage voice technology to create opportunities for personal brand experiences by clicking here.