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Support for up to 120 languages • Support for automated two-way translations

Research is complicated and expensive and gets more so when you need to reach a demographic that is not your native language. Translators and specialized survey administrators need to be hired for EACH language or target demographic you are looking to gain insights on.

True Reply seeks to relieve some of this burden with the addition of automated, two-way translations to the True Reply platform.

Using True Reply, your automated voice interviews are automatically translated to your target language and participant responses are automatically translated into English.

This means if you want to survey the Hispanic population on climate change or the Portuguese population on how they feel about your presidential candidate, it’s now as easy as selecting and customizing your target language.

Once you select and launch your survey in its targeted language, your survey will be heard by participants in their native language, they can respond in their native language and True Reply will automatically translate their responses back to English. The full translation and original audio is available via the True Reply dashboard. Easy, peasy 🙂

We’re launching this new feature with 27 languages with an expansion to 120 languages in a couple of weeks.

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