How Google Assistant Gives Your Brand or Business Super Powers

Google Assistant needs no introduction. It is available on more than 1 billion devices such as vehicles, phones, watches, TVs, etc. and has over 500 million monthly users. The assistant is available in over 80 countries and can speak 44 languages, has the ability to control a number of devices, can do specific actions whenever you say a certain word or phrase, but most importantly people love the assistant. It is friendly, fast, convenient, and proactive. 

Google Assistant is already a huge deal all across the world and this virtual assistant is only gaining traction and improving itself. You should now be wondering “How can I use this for my brand? For my business?” Well, luckily for you we are going to show you how Google Assistant can give your business ‘superpowers.’

Voice Purchasing

Google Assistant allows you to do a lot of things. For instance, making a purchase online. You can set up Google Assistant in a way that allows customers to shop using their voice. For example, if you own a business that sells cosmetics products, you can make it easy for your customers to shop by simply saying “Hey Google, buy perfume from Gregs Fragrances.” 

Reservations & Appointments

Google Assistant can also be used to make reservations and appointments. Imagine a customer driving home from work and decides to stop at your restaurant. She can simply ask Google Assistant to make a reservation for whatever time they expect to arrive at your restaurant, all without taking their eyes off the road. It makes the customer’s experience better and safer. 

You can use Google Assistant’s ability to make purchases and reservations online to draw more traffic to your business because using Google Assistant to do these things is not only convenient and fun, it is also kinda cool.

Starbucks allows customers in the US the ability to order products by using their smartphone Voice Assistant. Customers can not only place orders using the Voice Assistant but they can also make updates and complete payments.

Breaks Down Language Barriers

Individuals who operate businesses, especially on an international level, are likely to encounter individuals who do not speak the same language they speak. Perhaps someone called to make a reservation, buy a product or just learn more information about your business and it gets difficult to deal with and understand them because of language.

This is where Google Assistant comes in, the assistant can understand over 40 languages including:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Danish 
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian 
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Tamil and many more

With this impressive array of languages in its arsenal, it is a no-brainer that Google Assistant should be your translator. 

If you integrate Google Assistant in your business, whether it be for voice commerce, a restaurant, appointments, etc. you will be able to provide information to and communicate with your customers in their own language. This will lead to a better experience for your customers and earn your business more revenues.

Give Your Business Cutting Edge Technology 

Using Google Assistant to engage with your customers will make your business be recognized as cutting edge and this can drive more and more customers to you. A business that allows its customers to interact with them by using Google Assistant will have the edge over other businesses that don’t. Customers enjoy convenience and will do business with a company that provides them with convenience. 

Make The Workplace More Efficient

The powers that Google Assistant can give you are not limited to your customers. Google Assistant can also benefit your workplace. 

You can have Google Assistant set reminders just in case you have an important meeting or series of meetings to attend throughout the day. Employees can easily make to-do lists by using only their voice, which means they do not have to spend an absurd amount of time planning their schedule. The assistant can also send important messages to your co-workers for you, which uses up less time out of your busy schedule. As a manager, you can even use Google Assistant to send reminders to your employees. Even if the reminder comes when the individual is not able to stop and read it the assistant can read it for them.

Imagine an office or workplace operated by Google Assistant. Employees arrive at work and either ask Google Assistant to tell them their schedule or make a new one in seconds. The assistant would remind employees about meetings coming up and notify them whenever their manager sends a message or make a request. 

By connecting Google Assistant to smart devices in the workplace all sorts of things have now become possible especially because you can customize the assistant to carry out certain tasks when you say special words or phrases. For example, you arrive at work and say “work mode” the assistant could adjust the lights, temperature, and even change the types of notification you receive in order to help you remain focused. 

The flexibility and ease of use that Google Assistant provides is enough reason to jump on board and start using it. Large multinational companies like Starbucks, Disney, Spotify, and Uber are making use of Google Assistant in order to make their customer’s lives more convenient so it can definitely have a positive impact on your business. 

You can book an Uber or Lyft from your Google Home device and we already mentioned how Starbucks allows you to use Google Assistant to purchase food or drinks. 

Disney+ allows you to use Google Assistant to conduct voice search to look up and stream content and control playback without the need for a remote.

With Spotify, you can play, search, and control the volume of music by just simply using voice commands.

With 58% of customers using voice search to find local business information and 28% going on to call the business they voice searched for, there is no time like now to begin with Google Assistant for your brand and business. One final note, callers resulting from a Voice Assistant search convert 30% faster than web leads. This means that your lack of voice integration is costing you money and could put you behind the competition.