Engagement Insights For Your Voice Applications

engagement-insights-for-your-true-reply-voice-applications Engaging consumers via voice assistants is a vital piece of your customer engagement strategy for 2021. Being able to analyze your consumers voice engagements in real-time and use those insights to further your brand and marketing strategy is essential. For these reasons, we are excited to introduce Engagement Insights within True Reply.

Engagement Insights provides information on how your top voice applications are performing allowing you to audit your awareness campaigns against actual engagement numbers.

Agency account holders will find that they can now expand their basic account data to view the broader engagement data for the applications they are managing via True Reply. To view your new Engagement Insights, click the expand icon in the top corner to the right of Recent Engagements.

True Reply Engagement Insights Dashboard Preview Your account Engagement Insights provides a snapshot of how your voice applications are performing. These insights help to close that critical loop of understanding how you are getting from awareness to consumer engagement with your voice applications - your Alexa Skills on Amazon Alexa or your Google Actions available via Google Assistant. 

True Reply Top Engaged Voice Applications Your Engagement Insights start with your Top Engaged Voice Applications. Instantly see how your consumers are engaging with your brands and which applications are getting the greatest share of the consumer engagement (the consumer Share of Voice).

For Agencies, this provides critical information when running a multi-level, multi-experience campaign or when testing new awareness marketing strategies across multiple voice applications.


Your 8-week Engagement Profile shows you, at a glance, how your consumer engagement is progressing throughout your campaigns. These profiles provide critical insight for measuring marketing and awareness strategies against impact on consumer engagement over time.

True Reply Engagement Profiles for you Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Actions-opt


True Reply Times Of Engagement Finally, understand when users like to engage with your voice application. Are your consumers more likely to engage with your voice experience in the morning, afternoon, or evening? How would you adjust your awareness efforts if you could instantly see when your consumers are most likely to engage with your voice application?

Your Engagement Times insight panel provides you with information on when consumers are engaging with your top applications. You get a breakdown of engagements by AM & PM localized to the region your voice application is made available.

Your Engagement Insights represents a small piece of how launching your voice applications with True Reply makes it easier for you to successfully leverage voice assistants to engage with consumers.