Easily Add 120 Languages to Your Website with Voice Assistants

Having a website that can be accessed in multiple languages can be a difference-maker for a business. In the past it was very time consuming and expensive to make a website available in multiple languages. But with advancements in voice technologies, it is now easy to offer real-time, personalized website support in the users’ native language. Let’s explore some of the benefits from adding multi-language voice assistant support.

Growing Your Customer Base with Additional Languages

Growing your customer base by offering tier 1 customer support in multiple languages is an effective way for a business that wants to expand their customer base inside and/or outside the United States. Statistica published the results of a “Most common languages used on the internet as of January 2020” study with results showing that only 25.9% speak English. With another CSA study showing that 72.4% of consumer conversions are more likely in the users’ native language.

These statistics show that not having your information available in a consumer's native language is greatly reducing your business.A voice assistant can easily provide support in the users’ native language, allowing your business access to the other 75% of the market that does not speak English.

SEO Benefits from Adding Additional Languages

Decreasing bounce rates is one of the main SEO benefits that a business will experience immediately after implementing multiple languages with voice assistants on their website.

Offering information in multiple languages stops consumers from going elsewhere. They will find the information they are looking for and not have to continue searching. All because the information was easily obtainable in their own native language.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Multi-Language Voice Assistant Support

Gain a competitive edge when you add multiple language voice assistant support to your website. In today's marketplace it is very important to distinguish yourself from competitors, because consumers have a much keener brand awareness than in the past. Having a website with multiple language support can easily set you apart from your competition. Providing this enhanced user experience on your website shows consumers you identify there is more than one language spoken on this planet! This should theoretically help consumers feel more included! Not to mention it will set you apart from your competition no doubt!

Increase Marketing Effectiveness with Voice Assisted Multilingual Customer Support

Your business can increase marketing effectiveness in more than one way by adding voice assisted multilingual customer

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 support to your website. Conversion rates will increase when users can receive native language customer support, providing a higher ROI on marketing campaigns. Not only will it be easier for the direct consumer during their experience but it will help with reviews and word of mouth. Word of mouth is the best and oldest form of marketing because if people love something they will genuinely talk about it. Therefore, offering voice assisted multilingual customer support will help more people in the long run.

Ready to Provide Multilingual Support on Your Website with Voice Assistants?

When you provide multilingual support on your website with voice assistants, your business can receive the following benefits

  • Increased customer base through larger reach

  • Higher SERPs ranking

  • Edge over competition

  • Greater ROI because of increased marketing effectiveness

  • Easy and affordable multi-language website customer support option

Are you ready to take action and receive all these benefits? Then consider voice assistants which are a quick and affordable option to easily add multilingual customer support in a users’ native language on your website.

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