Comparing Qualtrics vs. Medallia

In this series, we will be conducting a comparative analysis on different market research firms, so you can get information on their services, what they excel, and where they have opportunities for growth, to better understand how they compare. Market research firms collect information on customers, distributors, and competitors to give companies requesting this information a competitive edge. 

Today we will be analyzing Qualtrics and Medallia. Qualtrics, an American experience management company, is a survey and form-building tool designed to help businesses collect and analyze data with highly customizable surveys. They allow users to create surveys and reports without needing any programming knowledge. Medallia, another American company, is a customer and employee experience management software that provides survey features and in-app feedback and review features. The software can analyze and aggregate comments on Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, and other major review sites.


Medallia provides form and survey generation and also offers review and reputation management. They also provide analytical features to make it easier for the business to understand what impacts customer loyalty. Medallia also provides a platform for monitoring customer experience with individual products and brands as a whole.


Pros Cons
Allows customers to rate how satisfied they are with the service Their service model does not provide any ownership over the platform. Clients have to engage with their Medallia Project Team to build surveys, troubleshoot issues, make changes to surveys, reports, and dashboards, which results in long turnaround times and inefficiency.
A helpful tool for Account Managers to hear customer’s experiences and feedback They charge for both units and users. Units are named individuals in surveys but don’t have log-in privileges. For example, customer service agents or business consultants that engage with the client but are not part of the closed-loop case management process or have access to the platform.
It helps users who encountered problems to manage their next steps, as the platform provides them with the ability to record the action taken and whether or not the issue has been resolved.


While Medallia provides its users with a complete customer experience platform, they don’t offer specialized survey tools as Qualtrics does. They allow users to create customized surveys but do not provide a wide variety of survey templates to support initial data collection events.


Qualtrics is a data collection and analytics platform that businesses can use to get specific and actionable insights on both customers and employees. The interface is easy to use and allows clients to create surveys from scratch or use one of their many templates and quickly send a survey to a contact list. Qualtrics also provides comprehensive analytics that assists businesses with a large assortment of reporting options to get the insights they need.


Pros Cons
They provide personal libraries for individuals and shared libraries for business teams. This allows businesses to have multiple individuals collaborating in the group library, sending and receiving tasks and information. According to a user, the collaborate feature tends to be clunky, and they sometimes have to remove access and add the person back in for them to see the survey in their lists.
The very intuitive user interface familiarizes users with the platform quickly. Qualtrics’ dedicated survey-making features don’t include review and reputation management support. They also don’t have detailed analytic features outside of individual survey reports. 
It allows you to save results to a wide variety of formats, for example, CSV and SPSS, for further data management.


Additional Consideration

Qualtrics has a higher support rating than Medallia. Qualtrics’s documentation is well put together, and when customers contact them, they reply almost immediately to solve the issues as quickly as possible. Medallia attempts to always answer users’ questions, but in some cases, they will require you to mail your complaint if the request does not fall under normal support.

Both Medallia and Qualtrics collect information on customer experience through surveys and reviews. Both companies allow users to create surveys, but Qualtircs stands out in this area as they provide more features and options for users. For businesses whose main objective is to create surveys, Qualtrics may be a better option; however, Medallia is better for companies looking for a complete customer experience management solution.