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Reach 200 million consumers via Amazon Alexa!

The solution for launching your own fully customizable Alexa Skills* today for consumer engagement and market research.

* patent-pending, supporting Google Assistant, Bixby, and telephone too!

Why Amazon Alexa & True ReplyTM for Consumer Engagement and Research?

Found in over 90 million U.S. homes and more than 200 million consumers with access - now is the time to bring your brand, your research, and your services to the voice-first revolution!

With True ReplyTM, you can start to deliver unique experiences today, increase participant engagement, and stay ahead of the curve with Amazon Alexa!

Your brand, your messaging, and your questions.

Voice-only panel serving samples of n=100 all the way to n=1000.

Telephone-first voice app accessible via any telephone.

Insight At Scale

When you launch your voice app with True ReplyTM, you know your participants.

With reliable real-time data collection, you get insights into engagement analysis, content analysis, and voice app participation trends with multiple options to export your data to your favorite tools.

Customizable Experiences

Create the exact voice app experience you need.

With True ReplyTM powered voice apps, you have access to all the features you need to put your brand and your own touch into your voice apps at every level.

True ReplyTM Is A Solution That Plays Well With Others

You have your systems and your intelligence solutions.

Plug your secure REST API directly into your voice apps as part of your exact engagement plan and easily, and quickly, layer a voice interface into your solutions.

How will you use voice technology to build your business and connect with your customers?

Regardless of your market or industry, voice technology today is an opportunity to increase engagement, reduce participant attrition, and amplify your brand. What can voice, powered by True Reply, do for you?

The Power Of Voice With True Reply

Here's how some of our customers and partners feel about the power of voice and True Reply

Get started with True Reply!

Launch your new voice app to Amazon Alexa, Voice Survey via Voice Rewards, or a Telephone Voice App Instantly!