Go Beyond Your Research With Voice

Create automated voice-based interviews and collect participant data via any telephone or Amazon Alexa-powered device in minutes*


Going Beyond "Press 1"

A patent-pending voice data collection platform deployed across telephone and IoT devices, True Reply bridges the gap between low-cost online, form-based research and expensive and complex focus groups or face-to-face interviews.

True Reply is not an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. True Reply makes todays most advanced voice technology available to everyone across any telephone or any Amazon Alexa-powered device.

True Reply captures emotion so you can have understanding beyond just the numbers.

Create Voice Data Campaigns For Your Specific Research Objectives

Revealing Insights

Open-ended, voice data collection campaigns and access to fully indexed audio of answers leads to beautiful variety and revealing insights that help deepen understanding, analysis, and guide long-term studies.

Accessible Data

Deep insight into each and every response with editable and custom tagable results. Use Participant Tethering to create 1-1 relationships between your data system and participant responses.

Real-time Results

Outcome reporting is a real-time database of participants, participant responses, indexed audio recordings, open-searching, dynamic keyword ranking, multi-point filtering, and more.

The Power Of Voice Made Accessible

Reach and engage your target audience via any telephone or IoT devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, patent-pending. Each option, whether telephone or Amazon Alexa, provides its own unique value propositions and opportunities.

Embrace the new wave of voice-based data technology and reach participants in a whole new way with Amazon Alexa or take your understanding deeper with telephone-based automated interviews that gather full audio recordings and provide deeper insight and analysis into keywords and sentiment analysis.

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