Automated Voice-based Surveys

Intelligent, automated voice-based surveying platform for the collection and analysis of voice-based responses via telephone or IoT devices

Create Voice-based Surveys For Your Specific Research Objectives

Simple. Powerful.

Surveys are easy to setup; create and launch in minutes

Audio recordings fully indexed for open searching & insights

Real-time Results

Survey outcome reporting is a centralized database of participants, indexed audio recordings, open-searching, dynamic keyword ranking, and multi-point filtering

Revealing Insights

Open-ended, voice-based surveying and access to fully indexed audio of answers leads to beautiful variety and revealing insights that help deepen understanding, analysis, and guide long-term studies

Engage Your Fans

Power your audience with incentivized surveys that drive unique engagement

Surveys accessible via any telephone or Amazon Alexa-powered device

Simple Pricing

$5.00 per survey for every 30-days your survey is active. 
$1.00 per response collected, pay-as-you-go
Contact us for non-profit pricing or large scale surveying

Introducing TrueCoin

The integration of TrueCoin within True Reply has officially made us the first platform for earning cryptocurrency via any Amazon Alexa-powered device. Participate in our Utility Token Offering, UTO, to accelerate your research and more.


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