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Conduct voice based surveys and research using voice assistants via smart speakers or telephone with the largest proprietary voice panel available.

Want to collect voice data but don’t have a panel? Introducing Voice Rewards!

Voice Rewards is True Reply’s proprietary voice panel, accessible via Amazon Alexa devices or any telephone. With over 2.6mm panelists and 20+ data selects, the Voice Rewards panel can fulfill almost any voice-based market research initiative.

Qualitative Research At Quantitative Scale!

Focus groups and face-to-face interviews are expensive but deep in emotion-based analysis while online form-based surveys are cost-effective but lack the emotion behind collected feedback and responses.

True Reply has made it possible to leverage voice-based campaigns allowing the opportunity to capture the emotion of participants at scale and gather insights previously only available via focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs).

True Reply is the solution that bridges the gap between scale and cost-effectiveness with emotional data collection.

Tap into our panel on demand with per-response pricing with no upfront or set up fees.

With 2.6mm+ active panelists, our Voice Rewards panel can scale up with ease to accommodate the biggest projects!

Unlock the power of voice to collect IDI quality data at a fraction of the cost.

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