There is no way to capture the excitement of a child, the pain of a patient, or the appreciation of a customer that is more accessible than through automated, voice-based surveys.

Going Beyond "Press 1"

True Reply is not an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system like those you first experienced in the 90's and are still deployed everywhere today. True Reply is a completely open-ended automated surveying system that captures raw emotion through open-ended questioning and voice recorded answers. Anyone can deploy a True survey  in minutes and start collecting and understanding their community beyond stricty  "yes" and "no."

True Reply captures emotion so you can have understanding beyond just the numbers.

Create Voice-based Surveys For Your Specific Research Objectives

Simple. Powerful.

Surveys are easy to setup; create and launch in minutes

Audio recordings fully indexed for open searching & insights

Real-time Results

Survey outcome reporting is a centralized database of participants, indexed audio recordings, open-searching, dynamic keyword ranking, and multi-point filtering

Revealing Insights

Open-ended, voice-based surveying and access to fully indexed audio of answers leads to beautiful variety and revealing insights that help deepen understanding, analysis, and guide long-term studies


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