Road To SampleCon

Road to SampleCon was a voice app launched via True Reply as an Alexa Skill on Amazon Alexa and as a next-generation voice experience via telephone.

The voice experience was specifically positioned as a lead-in to the talk given on how voice technology is impacting market research, Voice: The Next Frontier For Market Research.

Voice, the final frontier for research

Feb 4th at 2:00pm in the Congress Room at the Ritz Carlton

The adoption of voice-first technologies like smart speakers, in-dash systems in automobiles, personal electronics, and appliances is happening at an unprecedented rate.

We will examine the why and how of voice-first, data-centric engagement and research and explore the unique opportunity for market research and brands in 2020.


Engage Road To SampleCon via Telephone

You can also access Road to SampleCon via any telephone by dialing the road to SampleCon toll free number, no app needed.

Call 1-855-671-9258 or scan the QR Code with your smartphone to experience Road To SampleCon today!

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