Understand The Emotion Behind The Data

Knowing the issues that matter to your constituents is key, but hearing the emotion behind their concerns and realizing deeper insights at scale can make all the difference in a campaign.

“It's hard to capture enthusiasm (or lack thereof). We know polls do a poor job with emotion/ enthusiasm/ commitment.”

- Evans Witt, head of Princeton Survey Research and president of the National Council on Public Polls

If 2016 taught us anything, it was that traditional polling alone is no longer enough to provide reliable data on which to base key decisions on for a campaign. Traditional online polls and IVR type phone calls do not let you hear the anger or the apathy in the constituents, and they don’t measure the sentiment in context. They simply provide a small glimpse of a larger puzzle, ignoring the core components of humanity--the understanding of which can make all the difference in running a successful and agile campaign.

“The lack of high-quality state polling will be tough to fix, especially if the cost of polling rises further.”

- The New York Times – May 2017

Via True Reply’s cost-effective and easy-to-use automated platform, you can hear the emotion, better understand what matters, and realize deeper insights into the topics that define a candidacy.

Capturing emotion and analyzing sentiment gives you an edge over traditional polling. True Reply is a unique robust voice-based data collection platform that allows you not only to capture the keywords and trends, but also to capture the emotion fundamental to understanding the driving factors behind the topics that matter.

Capture And Understand Emotion

Easy to setup and launch an automated, voice-based survey in minutes

Let your community know and enable their engagement via any telephone

Listen and measure results in realtime with actionable insights

“Voting is an emotional activity…. You want to be there to cast your vote, because voting is more about expression.”

- Eyal Winter, The Guardian

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