The True Reply Platform

Sophisticated Enterprise Solution for Data-centric Voice Apps and Experiences

True Reply is built atop today's cutting edge technologies to deliver scalability, security, reliability and accessibility worldwide

Available in over 80 countries with support for over 120 languages


Launch your campaigns within minutes and have it live across the Amazon Alexa community or ready for telephone engagement instantly. We like to say that the hardest part is coming up with your questions.


When compared to alternatives like live telephone operators, in-depth interviews, and focus groups, True Reply is considerably cheaper while delivering built-in compliance and standardization of experiences.


Intelligent, AI-driven real-time response analysis and validation (R.A.V) make for one of the smartest automated voice data collection solutions on the market today. Leverage R.A.V for skip logic and real-time live operator routing.

We speak your language...and you can speak theirs.

At the click of a mouse, you can launch your voice campaign across 22 languages with automated two-way translations or upload your own high-quality audio recordings and support over 120 languages with automated responses translations.

Participant Geo-mapping

See how and where your participants are engaging from

In-depth Participant Analysis

Analyze and drill into key participant metadata to narrow scope your response data at any scale.

Response Analysis

Real-time access to response data including recorded audio*, open-indexed searching, multi-point filtering and custom tagging.

* available via telephone engagement only.

Detailed and granular response data

Review the detailed responses of participants, play response audio, and download response audio. Complete access to participant metadata including name, locations, and, when applicable, telephone numbers.

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