Meet Emma

Support and amplify your sales, marketing, and customer success with your brand's own voice assistant accessible via web, Metaverse, and smart devices.

Powering voice experiences for leading companies

Unleash The Power Of Your Brand

Unleash the power of your brand using AI-powered voice technology and enable your customers to get answers to their questions faster, create better sales solutions, and build experiences that are unique and perfectly reflective of your brand.

It's your brands voice assistant customizable to the last detail

Enable custom experiences that amplify your brands reach

The results you need in sales, marketing, & customer success

With Emma

Launch Your Brands Voice Strategy

Emma is the perfect solution for brands who want to leverage the power of voice without needing their own in-house expertise or outsourcing to an agency.

Gain access to the perfect balance between solution and platform and deliver a robust voice assistant to support your brand across the web, Metaverse, smart devices, and more.

With Emma

Close 30% More Sales

Studies show that leads that originate via a branded voice experience close 30% higher than their web-based, form-based counter parts.

Contact us to discuss Emma and how our revenue preservation platform can help keep your pipeline full with leads that convert at a higher close rate.

With Emma

Create A Holistic Implementation

Emma supports full integration with the internal and third party systems you rely on to deliver customer success.

With minimal engineering, Emma can push and pull from your CRM, ECM, ERP, and more to provide a holistic solution that fully supports your teams and your customers.

Emma is a multi-channel voice assistant framework allowing brands to deliver a holistic solution for consumers in one step

With True Reply

Easy Management
Real-time Results

An enhanced web-based portal that makes managing the customer experience and accessing engagement data in real-time a breeze.

Secure, permissions-based, multi-user platform.

For anyone in any industry who depends on customer success

With VoiceBridge™️+Emma

Bring Voice To Your Web

Bring a fully customizable voice concierge to your website and web portals with VoiceBridge™️+Emma.

An in-platform voice concierge that answers your customers questions, collects their feedback, connects them to customer and sales support, and allows your customers to ask for what they want.